Monday, February 20, 2012

Extreme Trail Riders at the Horse Expo!

Great job Aliva and Maggie for taking part in the Extreme Cowboy Trail Race at the 2012 Washington State Horse Expo, and a BIG congratulations to Aliva, making it to the championship day and taking second place in the youth division! Wahooo!

This was no easy course with 12 (?) obstacles with free rides at the start and finish of the race (that means going really fast fast fast around the rail) and a HUGE crowd of people screaming and yelling and music blaring, too. And just to make it more "extreme", you only have 30 seconds to get through each element. It's not trail for the feint of heart (how long would it take you to convince your horse to go over a teeter-totter bridge?)! A friend of our club, Amber Rios, made it into the top 10 of the adult division. A HUGE accomplishment and the competition was tough! The Columbian newspaper caught up with her in the warm-up ring and did a human interest angle on Amber... check it out:

So proud of our riders and a big thanks to the volunteers from our club who came out and set up the course, reset obstacles during the competition and had to put it all away after each day. It's heavy equipment and a lot of time on your feet. Thanks for your effort and time! And thanks to MaryJo and Stephanie for giving us the opportunity to help out! It might be the most glamorous volunteering opportunity we have all year -- remember the bathroom painting at the Saddle Club?? It's not as glamorous nor as "voluntary"!!

Can't wait to see you there!  :-)