Friday, February 6, 2009

Hippology Questions Week #4 & Week #3 Answers

Week #4 – Due by 2/08/2009 – Terms

1. Colt is to stallion as filly is to
a. gelding
b. mare
c. pony
d. foal

2. Stifle is to knee as hock is to
a. toe
b. hamstring
c. ankle
d. hip

3. Hay is to fiber as grain is to
a. starch
b. vitamins
c. growth
d. calories

4. Pawing is to colic as squinting is to
a. bright light
b. blindness
c. cataracts
d. eye pain

5. In these pairs, pick out the correctly spelled word. (Each correct answer will be worth one-quarter point):

a) Shetland

b) Sheatland

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~

c) dresage

d) dressage

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~

e) equatation

f) equitation

~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~

g) showmenship

h) showmanship

Here is a link to a site about famous horses: library/links- famous.htm

Week #3 – Due by 2/01/2009 – Teeth

1. What term describes deciduous teeth that remain attached to erupted permanent teeth?


2. T/F - Canine teeth and wolf teeth are the same.


3. In what bone are the lower teeth found?


4. T/F - A horse has hypsodont teeth.


5. Incisors and cheek teeth continue to erupt until what age?

Into the mid-20s