Tuesday, June 22, 2010

record book links, upcoming record book workshop

Thursday, July 8th is the next Record Book Workshop. I thought I'd repost the links for the download-able record book components:

From the WSU Clark County Extension 4H Record Book page(http://clark.wsu.edu/youth/RecordBooks.html) you will need:
* C0856 Individual Horse Record
* C0857 Horse Management Record
* C0934 Clark County Version Project Record, Computer Version (or the Handwritten Version if you are handwriting it)
* C0935 Permanent Record

You will have to scroll down the page and click the link for each document. Save each file to your computer.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Area Fair, Performance Day-- One Person's Account

Evergreen and Area IV Area Fair 2010 is now in the history books. Here are a few observations:

I saw Katelyn, Alivia and Maggie from Clover Crest. Did I miss any other Clover Cresters?

An unconfirmed total number of entrants on Saturday: 130

I think showmanship classes wrapped up by 12:30, but it may have been a little later than that. It felt like a long morning, but lots of great showing!

Senior classes had the highest number of entries. Juniors had the least number of entries, although the Novice Junior Showmanship class did have enough kids to warrant two lots.

The day was quite pretty and warm. Warm day at the barn = you need to drink a lot of water or you might not feel well!

Trail classes were canceled because the show was running long. The mini trail course was set up in the goat barn (or was it the sheep barn?) and was held during the regular classes. There were four minis at the show.

The outdoor "ring" was, of course, too muddy to use. Let's all hope that the rain will stop before July so that space can again be utilized!

Geez, it sure rained on Sunday for the Gaming Show... Did you go? Tell us about it!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Area Fair, this Saturday, June 5th

Area Fair is this Saturday. Let's hope the weather forecast for Saturday holds (mostly sunny and 73)!

I asked Kelly Payne, the show organizer, a couple of questions about hauling into the show. Here's what she had to say:

What are the haul-in times for Friday night? 5-8 PM

Will anyone be in the office Friday night? From 5-8

What time does the gate unlock on Saturday morning if we plan to haul in Sat. morning? 6:30 But the office does not open until 7

Will trailers be allowed to park at the arena level? There will be limited parking, you will be required to remain hooked up to your trailer

The 4H Market Sheep and Goat Weigh In is also Saturday the 5th, so our members that are in 4h sheep won't be able to attend this show. (Guess how I knew that. By following the link on the side of this page to the WSU CC Extension 4-H Members Calendar!) But we'll be there and I hope to see some of you!

Is anyone going to the Gaming Show on Sunday? We'd love to hear about it!