Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Here are the Secretary's Report from the last business meeting, 6/16. Our next business meeting is July 21st.
See you then!

Call to Order @7:15
Pledges- 4H: Katelyn, American: Lauren
Roll Cal
Secretary's Report- Katelyn
Treasurer's Report- Previous Balance: $86.66, Debits: $0.00, Deposits: $0.00, Balance: $86.66 -Travis
Old Business
    T Shirts- need to have by fair groom squad!
    Community Service- no pony rides @this point
    Record Books- record book help at 6:30 before each meeting
    Club Presentations- Kolten, July presentation
    Stall Requests for Fair- done, asked for 6
    Fair Entries- Due June 30th
    Last Chance Show- July 17th
    Last Chance Gaming Show- July 18th
    Jumping Qualifier or Fair- call Fran to set up time after June 18th & before July 15th
           Frans #: 254-3249, Email: Duncanfmd@aol.com
    Dressage sign up form due by July 15th
    Equine Round up- June 30th 7pm
    Ride Meetings for July
    Trail Clinic for July Ride Meeting
    Groom Squad - SIGN UP ASAP!!!!
New Buisiness
    Stall Decorations for Fair/Inventory of buckets/halters
    Last chance show Trail Set up help @10 AM
    Tack/helmet fitting clinic Friday night before Last Chance Show
    Parent helpers/riders for fair horse judging contest
    Stall Posters
Adjourn: 8:54 pm

Upcomimg Dates
    July 8- record book workshop
    July 10- trail trials
    July 16- Tack/Helmet fitting Clinic
    July 17- last chance show
    July 18- Last chance Gaming show
    July 21- Clover Crest Business Meeting
    July 26- Record books due for Fair